Good News/Bad News – 15th November 2010

A good week for… Evading Airport Security

A Chinese man in his late twenties managed to get past all security checks and board a flight to Vancouver disguised as an elderly white man thanks to the help of a ‘James Bond’ style silicon mask and walking stick. Suspicions were alerted, however, when passengers noticed the man’s hands which looked “unusually young” compared to the rest of him.

Their uncertainties were then confirmed when, during the flight, the ‘elderly passenger’ went into the bathroom and emerged as a young, Asian male. After landing in Canada, Border Services Officers quickly escorted the man off the plane where his true identity was revealed.

It has emerged that the passenger had swapped boarding passes with a 55-year-old US citizen before getting on the plane, later using a frequent flier card as ID to board the flight. He has also now appealed for refugee protection.

A Bad Week for… old Armenian men

This week 2 elderly Armenian men pleaded guilty to smuggling 2 batches of weapons-grade, highly enriched uranium across the Armenian-Georgian border. The two gentlemen, one of them semi-retired, the other bankrupt after gambling away his fortune, took the night train from Yerevan to Tbilisi, getting off before the final stop and then taking a taxi for the last 2 hours of the journey.

Arriving early for their meeting with a seller, whom they believed to be an Arab with “mysterious connections”, but was actually an undercover Turkish policeman, they then indulged their secret agent fantasies by meandering around downtown Tbilisi, doubling back on themselves repeatedly to ensure they weren’t being followed.

Unfortunately the Georgian security services had been tracking their activities for over a month and were watching the entire procedure with amusement. As soon as the exchange of the nuclear material was made, all the men involved were arrested by a SWAT team who had been hiding in the next door hotel room.

Helen Trimm and Laura Curtis

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