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Good News/Bad News – 8th November 2010

A Good Week for…..the ‘aesthetically challenged’!

Britain’s pioneering dating website for the ‘aesthetically challenged’ is this week celebrating its first engagement between satisfied subscribers.

It may come as shock to many people that a website of this nature even exists, let alone attracts members and produces results, yet theuglybugball.com is going from strength to strength, providing unlucky daters in the UK with the opportunity to meet other people who “don’t always like what they see in the mirror”.

This week member Tom Clifford, who claims he has a face “that makes children cry”, and his fiancée, Janine Walker, have become engaged after just 4 dates in less than a month, and are “head over heels in love”.

In a society becoming increasingly obsessed with the superficialities of image and beauty, this dating agency provides a refreshing reminder of what is actaully important in love and relationships. So, if you’re more of a Wayne Rooney than a George Clooney, or your figure resembles more a pint glass than an hour glass, there is still hope of finding that perfect partner!

Bad Week For… Channel Swimmers

Swimmers planning to follow in the footsteps of Little Britain’s David Walliams in completing the grueling crossing from Dover to Calais may suffer a setback, after the Deputy Director of the French Coastguard called for a ban on the practice.

The swim across the channel from Dover to Calais was likened to “as dangerous as trying to cross the M25” by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in the UK.  The swim, which takes place in the world’s busiest shipping lane, has also faced calls from DFDS seaways for more control over how many people attempt the crossing and for tougher health and safety rescrictions.

This has been rubbished, however, by the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation, who is one of the two regulatory bodies set up to make sure that swimmers cross safely.

“We have everything else that is required, we report into the coastguards” Mike Oram, of the federation, told BBC news, “They know well in advance exactly what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and there is a restriction on the number of pilot boats.”

The sentiment of the the Federation has been echoed by contributors to the BBC News comment section.

“My charity is supporting a blind swimmer in his attempt to become the first British blind person to achieve the feat” wrote” Jonathan Waddington-Jones “We would be horrified at a ban”.

“This is a very safe and well organised challenge” agrees Howard from Swansea “The coastguards on both sides of the channel should be told that their job is to facilitate safe passage, not limit it”

Not everyone entirely agrees with this, though. “I swam the channel in 2004. In all fairness I remember it to be rather dangerous” remarks Jamie Thompson “There were literally tankers metres away from me”.

Alex Juggins and Ben McCabe

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