Good News/Bad News – 22nd November 2010

A Good Week for… James Blunt and World Peace

Like many, you may have thought James Blunt died in 2005, after releasing the mildly offensive single ‘Beautiful’ – gone the way of so many other flash in the pan annoyances like the crazy frog, Fall Out Boy  or New Labour. But he isn’t dead, so I suppose it was already a good week for him. Well done James. Along with staving off the ever-present spectre of his own death, it turns out that James Blunt saved us all from World War Three while serving in Kosovo. The pop star told Radio Five “I was given the direct command to overpower … 200 or so Russians and the practical consequences of that political reason would be then aggression against the Russians.  Blunt is clearly selling himself short. I can see it now, caught on the front line of a possible conflict between two nuclear powers, with literally billions of lives in the balance, he put down his gun strode out between the opposing sides and said: “Hey guys… why are we fighting… like, can’t we all just get along and listen to soft acoustic pop, I know this one song…”

A Bad Week For… Former US Presidents and World War

To coincide with the release of former President George W. Bush’s memoirs, the great man himself did an interview with Matt Lauer describing the “worst moment of his Presidency”. I know what you’re thinking, 9/11? Katrina? Iraq? No turns out the “worst” moment in Bush’s presidency was when Kanye West accused him of racism following the ‘evacuation’ of 30,000 African-American families to the New Orleans’ Superdome. However, within Bush’s own memoirs he acknowledges that he should have handled Hurricane Katrina better, as he does for most of the events of his Presidency. I leave you with a ‘Bushism’; “Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?” it’s nice to know this man has apparently written a book (probably full of pop out pictures).

Not only does the legacy of George Bush seem to haunt the Whitehouse; Bill Clinton seems to have joined the band of shamed faced ex-American Presidents. And no, we’re not being slow on the uptake of his affair – a fresh scandal has now come to fore. It recently emerged that Clinton during his presidency lost the code giving him access to a government briefcase. This briefcase held a second set of codes with the power to fire USA’s nuclear missiles. He managed to misplace the power for world destruction and the start of World War Three for several months. No big deal. It seems it’s not only UK officials losing important government information…

Hannah Pupkewitz, Callum Paton and Ben James


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