Log On/Look Sharp is a website dedicated to selling fashion and accessories straight from the world famous Portobello Market in Notting Hill, London. In addition, it sources pieces from other London markets such as Spitalfields, Camden and Brick Lane, with a variety of virtual market stores to peruse at your leisure.

Portobello Market has been an iconic place for London shoppers and tourists alike, with its reputation for selling anything and everything -from antiques, to fruit and vegetables, to clothes. It has a vast array of vintage and one-offs and an eclectic mix of the old and new, with vintage market sellers situated next to young designers.

However, the market’s extreme popularity means it is always impossibly busy, and it is only regularly accessible to those in London. Although a day at Portobello Market is lovely, for anyone who has ever been there, you will understand the difficulty of actually being able to look through everything to a satisfied degree. This is where the website comes in beautifully. It takes some of the best boutique clothing and accessories that are available from the market and fuses them together on one simple, attractive website. This means that everyone can enjoy the majority of the fashion market at a click of their mouse.

The website even tries to encapsulate the shopping experience with its ‘Virtual Market Stall’ and ‘Let’s Trade’ section, which allows you to barter with online traders. Of course, not all of the market sellers are available online yet, so the choice and diversity of the clothing on sale is nowhere near as great as that of the street market. However, it’s a start and with time I can see this online market world becoming a lot more popular.

I’m a big fan of Portobello Market, and whilst I still don’t think purchasing anything online will ever be as much of an experience as physically buying it, I love the idea behind this website and think it delivers a lot of what the buyer wants from an online market, with a great potentiality for growth. ‘The online fashion market’.

Hannah Donald


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