Taxi Drivers in Danger

Police continue their inquiries following the mugging and stabbing of a taxi driver at approximately 11.20pm on the evening of Sunday the 5th in Furze Gardens, situated within the St. Ann’s region of Nottingham. The identity of the attacker is as yet unknown, and police still have no leads. According to Inspector Jon Fryer in the Nottinghamshire Police control room, the driver sustained “some nasty stab wounds to his leg, but not life-threatening.” The victim is now recovering at home. St Ann’s has a reputation for being one of the less savoury areas of Nottingham, after 14-year old Danielle Beccan was tragically murdered within the region in a drive-by shooting in 2004.

Sadly, the attack was the second to be launched against a D&G Cars driver last weekend; at 6:30pm on Saturday night, another driver, new to the firm, was assaulted and mugged by a gang of offenders whilst driving along Mansfield Road. Ian Pole, director of DG Cars, expressed his concern: “I’m appalled. The people who commit such serious crimes should be brought to task. You expect a certain amount of verbal abuse but you certainly do not expect attacks to go to this extent.” Police investigation of both incidents continues.

Settit Beyene


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