Does Notts Have Talent? Impact Magazine Preview

This Sunday, January 30th, Refresher’s Week culminates in the showcase event at The Den, Notts Got Talent. Hosted and produced by the SU Exec and NUTS, the event hopes to showcase all the talent our fair university has to offer in one place. Impact starts its double feature on Notts Got Talent by attending the much more low-key audition process, which took place on Monday, January 24th. Read on for a preview of the upcoming event!

The ‘mastermind’ behind Notts Got Talent is Douggie McMeekin, The SU Exec Activities Officer. On the night itself, Douggie will be hosting with Matt Leventhall, with NUTS presenters Ali Blatcher and Lawrence Bolton handling backstage duties on camera. A talent competition, in this day and age of prime-time TV is nothing without its judges, and Notts Got Talent has got three of them. Alex Corck-Adelman, Katie Mackay and Simon Murphy make up the esteemed panel, yet some may ask why this is. It was never explained just what qualified these three to cast their opinions and make or crush the dreams of the auditionees. Alex claimed to be an “endurance athlete”, which though undoubtedly impressive, might raise more question marks than it does convince. I don’t expect to see Paula Radcliffe or Mark Cavendish whispering in Simon Cowell’s ear anytime soon, so am baffled as to what relevance this had. Katie Mackay, representing the SU, had her tongue resolutely in her cheek when informing us that her role as Equal Opportunities and Welfare Office has taught her how to put a condom on a marrow. If that’s not talent, then we don’t what is. Simon Murphy on the other hand, seems to have a genuine talent. In addition to growing into the funniest and most charismatic member of the panel, informed us that in fact, he is a qualified butcher. Butchery also seemed to fit the bill in terms of what each judge was looking for on the day. Simon and Alex emphasised the desire to find “something different”, whilst Katie simply wanted to find “talent.”

Due to an embarrassing scheduling error, NUTS, who thanklessly set up the SU Hub in the Portland building, had to de-camp over to The New Theatre. This exercise served to show just how impressive NUTS is at setting up professional looking shoots at very short notice. It seemed that the television station’s hard work wasn’t mirrored in the judges, who did not seem at ease with the task they had been given. Hopefully, NUTS can use their technical wizardry to make the final cut look much better than the content that was recorded. The intention of “just having fun”, and “playing it by each act” seemed disappointingly casual considering the industry from those off camera.

The talent, on the other hand, was refreshingly prevalent. Although things started off with a heavy singer/musician slant, more diverse acts drifted in and impressed the audience, if not the judges. An early front-runner seems to be Elias, a singer and ukelele player who charmed the judges with his laid back demeanour and entertaining adaptation of Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry”. Lawrence Bolton dubbed classical singer Tom, “The Susan Boyle of this competition.” and could entertain audiences with his whole-hearted performances. Break-dancers, flair bartenders and jugglers all made their ways through to the final, and with more acts to come, Sunday night seems finely poised. It seems clear that Notts does have talent, and by heading to The Den this Sunday, you can find out who has the most!

Adam Dawes