Gender Spender: The Relationship Between Our Sex And Savings

With news of the Government’s proposal to triple University fees by 2012, the traditional association between students and an inclination towards budgeting and saving is evidently only set to become more pronounced. From doing a cost analysis of two second year Nottingham students spending over the course of a typical mid-week night out it becomes apparent that boys are more likely to be affected by concepts of cutting back. Intuitively, one expects men and women to spend their money differently in some way, but as the breakdown shows, the difference is quite substantial. Our girl demonstrated a clear aptitude for saving in terms of a night out, in direct contrast to our boy, who displayed more of a liberal attitude and consequently contributed to girls’ minimal expenditure. Long live gallantry.

The Girl: Kalpna Tandon

Anything new: Dress, shoes and false lashes previously owned

Pre-lash: Went to a birthday pre-lash where alcohol had been paid for by host

Entry: V.I.P guest list (free) thanks to a friend

Drinks at venue for self and friends: 1 shot, 1 VK (£4.50)

Drinks at venue for members of opposite sex: Negative

Drinks at venue from others (male):
1x tequila shot, 2x VK, 1x vodka Red Bull

Transport: Generous friend paid for cab on way out, black cab on way back (£1.50)

Post-lash: Loads left over from pre-lash

Munchies: Cake, Hula Hoops and Haribo from pre-lash party


The Boy: Tom Steer

Anything new: Clothes all previously owned

Pre-lash: Bottle of vodka (£11.75) and a bottle of store brand soft drink

Entry: Online ticket (£4.50)

Drinks at venue for self and friends: Round for 2 people (£11)

Drinks at venue for members of opposite sex: Cheeky shot with the friend I secretly fancy (£4)

Drinks at venue from others: Round bought in return from previously mentioned friend

Transport: Cab there (£1), black cab back (£2)

Post-lash: Several glasses of water – early lecture after all!

Munchies: Big Mac (£3.75) and free cheeseburger



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