Good News / Bad News

Good News For… The Pound

Following riots in Greece, mass unemployment in Spain and £150 billion worth of cuts in Ireland, it is safe to say it’s been a bad year for the EU and the Euro. Barely six months after Greece was saved by a huge bailout, the same cheque is once again being passed around the EU.

With economic troubles in most of the euro-zone countries already, the deficits of Greece and Ireland have provided an extra strain on the Euro currency at a time when it least needs it. Meanwhile, we survey the wreckage across the Irish Sea and breathe a sigh of relief that we had the foresight to keep our proud currency.

Saying this, the pound itself hasn’t done all that well. Thanks to our membership in the EU we have also had to contribute to the bailouts, and inflation has risen as a result of government attempts to deal with the deficit. No matter – it is still better than having the Euro.

Daniel Fine

Bad News For… Politicians’ Wives

It’s been a bad year for wives of political leaders this year, after both the new Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister conducted a much publicised ‘display of courtship’ for the country to see. Whether it was Nick Clegg’s dogged loyalty to Cameron’s tuition fee rise, which has caused an enormous rift within the Lib Dems and destroyed any chance of young voters choosing them at the next election, or David Cameron’s surprising U-turn over holding a referendum over Alternative Vote, it is obvious that a very unlikely bond has been forged between the two parties. This has evidently left the two men with little time for their families – Clegg took a whole day off from the elections campaign after his wife and sons, who had been stranded for three weeks by the volcanic ash clouds, returned home from Spain. Meanwhile Cameron’s attempt to spend time with his family resulted in his child being middle-named, rather unappealingly, Endellion, after the Cornish town – a feeble effort when faced with all the wonderful, traditional Cornish names that there are. Perhaps he was in a pub there when Nick called.

Ben McCabe


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