Good News For Chilean Miners

It’s been a good month for the Chilean miners who were not only able to survive 69 days trapped underground, but are now making money from interviews and receiving free holidays to places such as Greece. Despite prior agreement between all the miners to avoid revealing what went on whilst trapped in the mine, many are now seen to be more than willing to give interviews. According to the New York Times, Veronica Quispe, the wife of Carlos Mamani, said: “We’re poor – look at the place we live. You live off our stories so why can’t we make money from this opportunity to feed our children?” Some miners feel as though it is almost their responsibility to have an interview because of the compassion the papers have treated their families with. According to the ‘Independent’ some miners are known to be charging between $40 and $25000 per interview. So for the Chilean miners, what was once perceived as a disaster can now even potentially be looked at as a blessing in disguise.

Laura Curtis


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