Homeless And Happy: Itchy Feet

On Thursday October 28th, the UK’s biggest homeless night found a place to live. Hopping from town to town like a nomadic social whirlwind, Itchy Feet went down at The Bodega Social Club this month. This event brings in new DJs, ever-changing venues and staff to try and keep things fresh and exciting – it would seem that this night and the Social were meant for each other!

In terms of music, ‘Itchy Feet’ endeavours to be as eclectic as possible, and does succeed in mixing things up. However, if mainstream pop sensations and dub-step beats are your taste, this won’t be for you. Swing, soul, funk, blues and rock & roll are the order of the night, and by having founder Leo Bedford marshalling the sound waves, this distinct style builds and builds to a genuinely funky and fun crescendo.

The atmosphere at Itchy Feet genuinely makes you want to get up and dance. The laid-back style of the organisers made for a sense of freedom throughout the night, and fortunately most of the punters seemed to buy into the relaxed spirit of things. In addition, the Social must have one of Nottingham’s best outside areas, where people of all walks and styles mingle and chat away before delving back into the entertainment inside.
One of the problems with having a ‘homeless’ night is that in terms of drinks offers, only the standard promotions are available, which is a shame. In addition, due to what can only be described as a break-down of communication, problems arose with capacity and an initial inability to use the downstairs bar, which led to some people complaining about the heat and over-crowding. Discussions with organiser Laura Fairfax identified a willingness to return this year and also address both of these issues.

Impact now has Itchy Feet, along with many of Nottingham’s students. If this first night is anything to go by, the blend of chilled atmosphere, excellent music and a distinct concept means that you should get Itchy Feet too, and head along when it next rumbles into our fair city.

Adam Dawes


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