Impact Introduces… Part Two

Dog Is Dead

Being one of Nottingham’s most innovative creations at present, Dog is Dead are certainly hard to describe linguistically; imagine if a gospel group, Louis Armstrong and The Cure all morphed into an all-encompassing blob of musical talent and you might start to get the idea. Sporting a very skilful saxophonist, unique keyboard melodies and a multi-tasking drummer, Dog is Dead play with the fluency and skill of a major-label indie band, whilst retaining a fresh-faced sense of modesty. Throw a glockenspiel and 5-piece harmonic vocals in and you’ve got something pretty unique. Although often found within the nooks and crannies of Nottingham’s smaller gig venues, such as The Bodega Social, Rescue Rooms and Spanky Van Dykes, this band are soon to explode onto the popular music scene, having previously supported bands such as Ok Go and Cajun Dance Party. Word to the wise: go see them in all their glory before this happens.

Sarah Dawood
Sarah has been listening to: Angus and Julia Stone – ‘Big Jet Plane’


Never failing to generate a stellar ensemble, Moonlighters are the University of Nottingham’s resident jazz band comprising an array of students auditioned every year to ensure that new talent can show off their skills within the University. From classic swing tunes such as Me and My Shadow to modern funk tracks including the Commodores hit Brick House, Moonlighters have an extensive repertoire to accommodate the tastes of any person. Rarely can you find a group live whose members are so technically and consistently good that five minutes in, you’re wondering ‘Why didn’t my Mum ever push me to play the piano?’ Even for someone who plays the guitar, competent musicians are left wallowing in their own entrails following gut-wrenching improvised solos to songs that would usually remain unperturbed in an iTunes library. Go check them out!

Rob Orr
Rob has been listening to: Michael Bublé – ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’


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