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If you like fashion but don’t really have the time or the money to take it too seriously then is for you. It boasts a range of looks to inspire a transformation of the clothes you already possess into a co-ordinated outfit. It is not a website to buy clothes from, merely a chance to see how other people assemble their outfits. You won’t be tempted into purchasing anything, but might find yourself with the creative impulse to look into your existing wardrobe and create a new look.

With a competitive edge where users can vote for a top 10, you can judge for yourself the looks that you find on the site. I’ve used the website for a burst of inspiration on days when I feel like finding something to wear that will reflect my mood. You don’t even have to sign up in order to access the images, which is another great thing about this website.

The people who post on the website are non-professional, although most of them are attractive enough to be professional models. From students, artists and fashionistas alike, both male and female, people use the website to promote their looks and get feedback from other users who can comment on their creations.

To make the website easy to use, there are sections splitting the range of looks into brand, country and category. If you’re an avid designer fan then you can search to find one that you like. Or if you are less bothered by brands then there are plenty of brand-less clothes. It also has looks from most countries to give an international edge to your styling. Some of the countries include Canada, Austria and Jordan but the site is dominated by the United States followed by the UK and then Germany. They also have categories that cover any accessory you might need to give your outfit that finishing touch. Even if you want to be as particular in your search as specifying a material, the website features that  search option too.

The overall impression you get from the website is that there are no rules. It’s like an online scrapbook of artsy individuals finding new ways to express themselves but my tip is to use it as starting point and the rest is up to you!

Heather Wells


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