Mirage Re-opening

Monday November 22nd saw the relaunch of Mirage in the venue that was once home to one of Nottingham’s favourite student nightclubs – Isis. Having attended on Wednesdays religiously during my first year, the classily named Mirage had an awful lot to live up to.

Aesthetics & Atmosphere

Built in a car park, Mirage has room for improvement. However, the circular layout inside made it great for finding your friends on the dance floor. The music contributed to the friendly atmosphere as it is provided by DJ Vimto, who we all know and love from cheesy Ocean Friday nights.

Similar to generic nightclubs, the drinks on offer ranged from spirits and mixers to bottled drinks such as VKs and beers. Event organiser Andy Smith informed Impact that “the only criticism people had was about the price of Jaeger bombs, which will now be lowered.”

Promos and prices

Andy intends to provide the same drinks deals as Cr-Isis on a Wednesday – and who can complain with a double vodka being a mere £2? In addition, AU, Karni and Week One card holders received free entry, despite it being an ‘unofficial’ University night.

All in all, Monday night did not disappoint. The whiplash-inducing waltzers and the topless mermaid figurine reminded us why we loved this place. Mirage’s slight downfall was the taxis at the end of the night. Mirage’s flyers promised they would arrange set prices back to Lenton, however, some people were being charged up to £10 for the 5 minute journey. Despite this, a great night was had by all, whether reliving the Isis days of their first year, or trying out Mirage for the very first time.

Caitlin Jones


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