Nottingham Student Misses Out On Miss World Title

Jessica Linley, previously Miss Nottingham and current Law student at the University of Nottingham, has recently been crowned Miss England. On October 30th Jessica competed against other beauty queens from across the globe in Miss World, but unfortunately is was American Alexandria Mills who took home the title.

Jessica beat nearly 60 other hopefuls to the coveted title of Miss England. “I never thought I’d be Miss England,” Jessica stated, “I think that the Miss England competition this year has been one of the hardest in recent years”.

Amongst the judges at the finals were former winner and reality TV star Danielle Lloyd, and Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas. The finalists had to take part in an eco round, a fitness round, a sportswear round, an evening wear round and red dress round. Angela Beasley, director of Miss England, felt that Jessica was worthy of the title of Miss England, saying “she’s got the looks of a model, she’s very genuine.”

Jessica had confessed that she needed to up her game to compete in Miss World, saying “it’s going to be a lot of hard work for me”. Unlike Miss England, the Miss World competition has retained the renowned swimwear round and Jessica had to undergo an intensive fitness regime. Angela Beasley, though, emphasises the point that Miss England is about more than looks, “At the end of the day, we are a beauty contest, but that doesn’t just mean physical looks, it also means in personality as well…it’s got to be someone who can get on with everybody”.

Despite missing out on the title of Miss World, Jessica is said to have enjoyed her time in China, where the Miss World finals were held, and said that the finalists were treated like celebrities. She said “I got a lot of attention [in China] because I’ve got blonde hair and no-one in China does so everyone wanted to touch my hair and have pictures with me”.

Emily Sargent


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