Why Not Try… Floorball

Floorball is an indoor stick-ball sport with rules similar to ice hockey. Although much of its popularity stems from Northern Europe, the sport is a growing phenomenon. It’s open to all levels of skill, and is easy to pick up. However, it proves a challenge to completely master.

The Floorball society itself is one of the newest sports societies, formed just three years ago. Since the society is new and still quite small, this provides a great chance to play sport competitively, as most members will qualify for one of the competition teams. This can be especially useful for those who play hockey but are maybe looking for something a bit different and more relaxed, as it will boost your skill without the pressured environment of a large society.

The training sessions are fun and innovative, which keeps things interesting, allowing you to grow to whatever level of skill your resolve allows. The society is very friendly and welcoming, and with winter beckoning, being indoors is a definite bonus. So why not come along to a taster session and give it a go for free!

Taster sessions are every Wednesday and Thursday at Jubilee Sports Hall 8-10pm

Malcolm Boyd


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