City Review:Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is an eclectic and exciting city with as much going for it as our most vibrant European capitals. With amazing barrios to explore, each with their own distinctive and colourful character, many become so enthralled with this beautiful place that they stay much longer than they first intended.

When : It depends what type of weather you want, for sun but not stifling heat visit from October to December during their springtime.

How much: With the exchange rate 1 pound to around 6.5 pesos you can more than comfortably live on around 10 pounds a day.

Why visit: There are too many reasons to describe why you should visit this brilliant capital but perhaps the greatest is the reception you will get once you are there. The people of Buenos Aires will not let you leave without giving you the best experience you can have. If you look as if you could be in the slightest of difficulty you will never be left unattended to, even if they do laugh at your inaptitude in the process.

Where to stay: With a thriving backpacker scene you are spoilt with choice of affordable hostels. If you want to be in the hub of what goes on, stay in San Telmo. A cobbled barrio that looks like it’s been left behind in the last century it more than makes up for its dilapidated look with an exhilarating night life and cheap eateries.

Things not to miss:

• A trip to Buenos Aires would be incomplete without a trip to see some Argentine tango- maybe pay a bit less than the touristy lesson/meal/show and go to a smaller and more intimate melonga in one of the bars around San Telmo.
• Argentina is football mad and, even if you are not, a trip to a game here is really a must do. ‘La Bombonera’ , so called because it actually sways due to the exuberant fans who party and sing the whole match long, is the capital’s famous stadium. Although if you’re English be prepared to be the object of a lot of gloating as this is the stadium of the team Maradona played for, Boca Juniors.

Top tips:

• Try staying for a while longer and renting an apartment. It’s cheap and will give you an unforgettable experience of this amazing city.
• Take a Spanish class- you won’t regret it, the locals will respect you so much more and you will enjoy not having trouble over ordering even the simplest of things. It will also be incredibly useful if you plan on travelling to other countries in Latin America.
• Take a day trip to Uruguay, it’s only an hour away and gives you a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get a few more stamps on your passport.

Ruth Edwards

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    Do places like La Boca have a genuinely Italian feel given it’s immigrant Italian population?

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