Impact interviews Morning Parade

Impact’s Chris Morris caught up with Morning Parade as they reached the end of their UK tour supporting Feeder. The band will be releasing their debut album this year and have a single – ‘Under the Stars’ – out now .

With the new album out later this year, are you planning more shows for 2011?

We’ve got a couple more dates with Feeder, and finish at the Roundhouse in Camden on Sunday. Then we’ve got our headline tour, and we’re back to Nottingham on the 23rd February to play the Bodega Social which will be good. Then we’re off on tour with The Wombats around Europe (it’s the first time we’ve been out there), and hopefully we’ll do loads of festivals when that’s over. We want to do more headline shows over here when the album’s out.

Are you looking forward to headlining your own tour?

We’ve been doing the album for a while, so it will be nice to start touring to get the music out there and see the reaction.

What sound are you going for on this album? Any influences?

We’re influenced by so many other great bands like Radiohead, Biffy Clyro, Faithless, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse… It’s an endless list of artists. We like euphoric music, dance, rock – everyone in the band has a different angle, and it’s good to smash it all together to get our sound.

Does anyone take the lead when writing songs, or is it all collaborative?

It varies really – we’d get bored if there was one set formula all the time. Steve (vocals) often writes the lyrics and the bare bones of the song, but then at other times we might just have a chat about some ideas and everyone gets involved.

Do you get any time to listen to other music when you spend so much time working on your own?

It’s difficult when we’re in the van touring, but when we’re recording in London we get the chance to go to gigs and spend time listening to the latest music. We really like the Nottingham band Dog is Dead, and would love to play with them at some point. They’re all really talented.

You mentioned playing festivals… Are there any you had your eyes on for the future?

We’d love to do Glastonbury, as none of us have been there before, but there are others we’d like to do, like Benicassim and Coachella. Nothing has been confirmed but we’d like to do one or two. We’ll focus on our headline tour for the moment.

Morning Parade then played a half hour set to a packed Rock City, and the reaction was fantastic. I was struck by such a strong live performance and songs such as “Under the Stars”, “A&E” and “Carousel” were very impressive. They are definitely a band to look out for in the future. See you when they headline Nottingham’s Bodega Social on 23rd February!

Chris Morris


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