Live Review: Childhood at The Bodega Social Club – 22/02/11

Bodega boasts an impressive gig-list, showcasing some of the most famous bands to date including Mumford and Sons, The XX, Wild Beasts and many more. But what happens when a group of unsigned students take the stage to support such acclaimed and well-known musicians?

Well, you wouldn’t expect that over half the audience leave after the support act…would you? This was the bizarre reality last Tuesday when Nottingham based student band, Childhood were the supporting act for Exlovers.

This was certainly not due to a disastrous or dull performance from the group (who literally had the crowd crying out for more after their final song) and is not intended to demean the headliners – who did eventually get the, somewhat renewed, crowd dancing again after the initial lapse – but instead demonstrates the vast body of support these four talented students have.

With influences of British 80s guitar pop such as The Smiths, Sea Urchins and Orange Juice combined with 90s alternative garage music and contemporary bands, the group successfully combine their up-beat and catchy guitar riffs with a touch of acoustic serenity and effective layering of sound. Their presence on stage was naturally modest, allowing the music to speak for itself, yet between songs they maintained a great rapport with their attentive fans.

My only complaint about the gig was its duration. Unfortunately the long queue meant that many of us missed the first couple of songs, which, in a six-piece set is quite a significant chunk. The energy of the performers and connection between each of the players, however, was instantly evident and the final two songs ‘All Fell Through’ and ‘No Words’ had us all wanting more and dancing to the very end.

In addition to playing in Nottingham, Childhood have gigs lined up in Brighton and London over the coming months and will also be featuring in the Dot to Dot festival in Nottingham in the Summer.

If you like the sounds of Real Estate, Beach Fossils, Smith Westerns and Wild Nothing, then listen to Childhood on

Becky Hutter

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