Live Review: Life’s Rich Pageant at The Crocus Cafe – 17/02/11

A free acoustic gig taking place at a small, vegetarian cafe within the recesses of Lenton would probably not usually conjure up ideas of musical professionalism or prowess within your mind; however, if you were to make this assumption in this instant, you would have been gravely mistaken.

Life’s Rich Pageant epitomise fresh, young musical talent. Comprised of second-year Nottingham-uni students Jonny Fitzpatrick, Alex Condliffe and Alex Duval, this band offers not only high levels of musical skill and dexterity but also make for extremely enjoyable listening. They put on a heartfelt and impressively tight performance, consisting entirely of self-written songs, which could be most accurately described as indie with a dash of hot sauce. Ranging from the classic and sentimental ‘It Hurts’ through to the slightly more ironic and humorous, yet still beautifully constructed ‘Asthma Girl, You Took My Breath Away’,  Life’s Rich Pageant show the ability not only to be talented and put on a fantastic performance but also to have fun whilst doing so.

With dulcet vocals, beautiful harmonies and intricate guitar riffs, the band had an impressive ability to captivate and silence the small, seated audience, which had been so readily prepared beforehand to be relatively unmoved by this little local performance. And although the audience was small, the band still seized the opportunity to introduce themselves, interact with us, and cheekily crack a few jokes here and there, showing true stage presence whilst remaining humble and friendly. This band is definitely worth looking out for.

Influences of The Smiths, Morrissey, The Cure, The Strokes, REM, Toto and Radiohead can be heard in Life’s Rich Pageant’s music, and they’re comparable to other up-and-coming bands such as Dog is Dead and Little Comets. If this sounds like something you might like, check them out at and look out for future gigs.


Sarah Dawood

…Sarah has been listening to: Radiohead – ‘Codex’…


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