Live Review: Little Comets at The Bodega Social Club – 03/02/11

After seeing Little Comets support The Twang back in 2009, I made a mental note to investigate this refreshing new noise of which I hadn’t previously been aware. I was not disappointed, and after falling in love with ‘One Night in October’ and ‘Joanna’, I made sure that I would see them again. Playing at The Bodega three days after the release of their debut album, ‘In Search of Elusive Little Comets’, the band were greeted with a  buzz of excitement from the crowd.

Before the band started, their usual assembly of various kitchen utensils was strung across the front of the stage, with objects ranging from saucepans to a burnt pizza tray (Who’d have thought a burnt pizza tray would make a good instrument?) Whilst diehard fans at the front cut some dangerous shapes during ‘Dancing Song’, less enthusiastic members of the audience could be spotted chit-chatting 20 feet away, making it harder to get into the bands sweaty efforts.

The effort from the four lads was commendable; everyone had a good laugh, sang along, drank a beer, and had a bit of a dance.

Ellen Newton

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    What a brilliant little article. Fantastic writing.

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