Live Review: Sleigh Bells at Rescue Rooms – 16/02/11

Since their original Nottingham performance had been postponed since November, the rescheduled date was finally upon us, and fans were egger to get the live Sleigh Bells experience. Needless to say, they did not disappoint.

This tour follows their first album, ‘Treats’, released in May 2010. Change of venue from Bodega to Rescue Rooms made no difference, as the event was sold out and so the room was full with a variety of ages from 14 – 50.

The audience took longer to get into the music than anticipated by my fellow accomplices and I, so the start of this short 40 minute gig was lost on a somewhat lethargic crowd. However, after about 15 minutes, everyone was jumping around through the heat of the audience. Particular highlights were the big numbers of ‘Tell ‘Um’ and ‘A/B Machines’, but the distinct Sleigh Bells style meant that the majority of songs got people moving. Miller (guitarist) spent most of his time privately enjoying his heavy guitar bass through the speakers, whilst Krauss (vocalist) gave all her energy to the crowd, creating an explosive atmosphere.

I’ll look forward to the next album, for a longer gig, and for more tunes to enjoy during the time in between.

Ellen Newton

3.5 / 5

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  • dan
    25 February 2011 at 20:19
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    A longer gig indeed. I doubt it was even 40mins.

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