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We’ve  probably all ripped out pages from Vogue and Grazia of our dream designer purchases at some point or another. Realistically, we can only ever afford such extravagance when sale time hits the shops (or even more realistically, never!) For many, sale day is not always an enjoyable or successful one. After being shoved and pushed from changing rooms, into mannequins and back again, we are likely to be eventually told that our coveted item has just been snatched up by a very smug new owner. However, Natalie Massenet, creator of luxury fashion site Net-a-Porter may have heralded the end to our sale time woes.

In 2009 she launched The Outnet, a website dedicated to providing women with luxury, designer brands with incredibly high discounts. But don’t expect to find tatty, rejected, forgotten pieces of clothing that nobody wants – The Outnet boasts the same high standards and fashion-conscious taste as its well-known sister company, providing labels from Alexander Wang to Oscar de la Renta but with a hefty 40-70% price drop.

Massenet has introduced ‘Flash Sales’ to maintain the excitement and risk of sale shopping. ‘Going Going Gone!’ is when an item is put on sale for an hour at a falling price until someone buys it. There are also monthly giveaways, so sign up your details and that Marc Jacobs clutch could be yours to brag about all over campus. The ‘Dress Me’ section provides the customer with a number of occasions, such as first date or beach party, and gives a variety of outfit options that’ll make every girl feel suitably stylish for their chosen event.

Even with enormous discounts, most of the clothes and accessories on The Outnet are pretty pricey. However, there is still a vast selection of reasonably priced designer items that would catch many an envious eye at 21st birthday parties and Graduation Balls.

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Shauna Moran


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