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The Apple iPad Lancôme App is an application with tips, hints, trends and tutorials on how to perfect your makeup. For looks that will take you from the daytime and into the evening, this app will definitely help to inspire.

The background of the app is set out as if the user is sliding along a makeup palette. As you navigate the palette, the different app features are available for you to select. The first feature you encounter is ‘What’s New’, which shows tutorials of how to achieve the latest makeup trends with an easy to follow video clip featuring guest make-up artists.  The latest is a tutorial in ‘Glowy Nude’, with tips from German Moyano and French beauty blogger Camille Hermann. ‘Makeup Tips’ uses simple video clips to illustrate tricks and trends such as how to touch up mascara or apply bronzer correctly. The videos are pretty easy to follow and explain step-by-step how to achieve your desired look.

‘Create Your Style’ has to be my favourite feature. Using a sketch of a face, you are able to zoom in on features and apply makeup. There are loads of different shades enabling you to try out different looks on the sketch before trying them out on yourself. You can gradually layer up the makeup to get deeper colours and more volume as well. The looks created can also be saved for you to refer back to in the future, and you can look up the Lancôme products that were used to achieve it.

There is also a section entitled ‘Be Inspired’ that provides up to date looks, complete with instruction stickers helping you to recreate the style yourself. The ‘Diagnoscils Expert’ asks you five quick questions and then suggests your perfect mascara type. Although it suggests Lancôme mascaras you can use the product types (such as ‘lash building’) to look for similar products elsewhere on the market. As with all branded apps, there is a feature advertising Lancôme’s products, which if you are interested in them, are a helpful way to gain information before you buy.

The last feature however, is rather annoying. These are a succession of tutorial videos by Michelle Phan, who was spotted on her YouTube home beauty channel by Lancôme and now does their video blogging. She does give some good advice, but the videos themselves are over-enthusiastic and grating. Last feature aside, the Lancôme app is simple and effective to use, with some fun and useful features that even makeup novices can enjoy.

Hannah Donald


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