‘On the Campaign Trail’ – SU Elections 2011 Launch

The SU Hub was living up to its name as Impact arrived for the 2011 SU elections launch, packed with candidates and supporters (clad in multi-coloured t-shirts and sporting homemade banners), cheering and letting off party poppers at noon to celebrate the moment when their campaigns can officially began.

In previous years the launch has traditionally been done at midnight in Ocean but, as current Democracy and Communications officer George Wright explains, this is not considered as fully accessible to all types of students.  It is thought that this alternative is a better way to “launch the elections in style, and make a big deal of it”.

There was  certainly an atmosphere in the Hub, but it was more of an event for the candidates than the students, a chance for them to suss out the competition or just to simply chat over cake and biscuits. Students will instead have to look at the SU’s album on facebook or watch NUTS’ coverage in order to see what the launch was like.

All attention now turns to the candidates, who will spend the next fortnight getting their messages across in every possible way. Most told Impact they would be putting up posters, visiting campuses and hitting the main nightclubs, but some will be using slightly different campaign tactics.  Danny Barry, for example, will be making use of his afro for his Dem Comms bid, with the slogan “Go with the ‘Fro” and supporters wearing lookalike wigs. One of his competitors, Sam Bucknall, said that his own campaign strategy would be a surprise, but did mention that it would be based on his policies rather than “gimmicks and fluff…”

You can follow everything that goes on during the SU Elections right here on our ‘On the campaign Trail’ Blog.  Every day, from Tuesday to Saturday, we will give you all the key events from the day before. 

The facts, the figures, First.  Only with Impact.

Helen Trimm and Fiona Crosby

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