Activities Officer Candidates

Hannah Turck

With her sights set on the position of Activities Officer, Turck’s manifesto tag line is “Promote, improve, nurture”, a phrase which focuses her main aims. Along with typical aims such as improving the training of societies and nurturing smaller societies, she wants to improve societal funding from external sources, to take pressure off the Union to provide.

Another new idea is that of a Nottingham talent database, collating the details of various talented performers within Nottingham. She hopes this will encourage inter societal activity as well as making planning for events easier. She cites her position as social secretary of NUSEX as experience and is aiming through her position to give something back to Nottingham University.

Gareth Whittaker

Whittaker is a candidate who has been a JCR President, has been involved with Karni as a rep and on the Exec, and has attended SU Council. As a result, Whittaker feels that he is fairly well informed on student issues. He drew particular attention to the problematic drink culture of Karni, saying this his involvement with the student run charity has allowed him to understand the concerns at hand.

Although Whittaker didn’t immediately pinpoint the best pledge on his manifesto, he did say that he wanted to address the current meeting process between societies and the Activities Officer. In order to improve the system, he said he would like less AGMs and a more forum based system. He is also keen to get societies with similar interests to come together. In line with previous candidates for Activities Officer, Whittaker emphasised the need for the website to offer a better service, and for societies to be more thoroughly promoted.

Simon Murphy

Simon Murphy says that he would be “honoured” to represent the students that have an input in the many events and societies at our university. He believes that “as a University we’re very lucky to have so many amazing events and societies with extremely dedicated people running them”.  Murphy intends to inject this passion into ensuring that “all of our events stay student centered” and that the SU continues to provide activities that are relevant to students.

He draws particular attention to the way the Summer Party is run, saying that “there’s been a bit of a reform with how Summer Party is run so I want to make sure we never lose sight of who it’s really there for”. Murphy plans to implement these aims by being “approachable, enthusiastic” and by “genuinely caring” about the issues at hand.

Ebba Wiberg

Wiberg intends to make many changes, if elected to the position of Activities Officer. These would include “a weekly society and SRS events newsletter”, which would be sent out to the student body, including information of events in Sutton Bonnignton as well as University Park. Another priority would be to look at the schedule of the Hopper Bus timetables so that they co-ordinate better with activity times.

Wiberg would look to forge greater networking between societies, as well as increasing support to society and SRS committees. She would also make space a priority, “We need to make sure we have room for everybody, whether you are a small or large society” she contends, “We have a big campus and should make use of it”

Images by Helen Miller


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