Album Review: Destroyer – ‘Kaputt’

Much as Animal Collective’s ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’ marked the start of 2009, ‘Kaputt’ could well be the first great album of 2011. It rivals it in timing, wealth of ideas and sheer listen-ability.

So what is it? It’s very difficult to place, stretching across many disparate genres. It is an indie album in the truest sense of the word. Stark piano, serious floor tapping bass, acid jazz and the odd flute all come at you from all angles. 80s’ Bowie is the closest one could get, but it’s far more diverse. A personal favourite is the opener ‘Chinatown’, setting the rhythm and involving a love-torn duet with Sibel Thrasher; ‘You can’t walk away. I can’t walk away’.

Bejar’s lyrics are obtuse and yet endearing; initially difficult to grasp but as an ensemble, it all falls into place. Essentially, this is a calming album that simultaneously draws you in – never overwhelming in volume, yet totally immersing.


Dan Adams

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