Athletic Union Officer Candidates

The extensive responsibilities of the AU Officer include the administration, finance and coordination of sports at Hall level, University Club level and national student sport level. They will liaise with sponsors and national sporting bodies and be highly involved in match administration. They should ensure that the university provides sporting events that are accessible to disabled students, as well as generally increasingly the accessibility of the events and competitions that the AU organises. The officer should work with the AU management committee organise Inter-Hall Select vs. University events, as well as AU socials and the annual ball.

George Bull

George Bull wants your vote to be Athletics Union Officer. Bull’s experience lies in three years of Rugby at the university, playing for both club and university. He is standing on a platform of bettering the teams’ standing in the tables, continued competitive intramural sport, increased sponsorship, and the creation of a wider fan-base for all sports. His main method for effecting change it would seem is to foster an atmosphere of “general encouragement.”

He wants to better publicise all sport, improve inter-sport socialising and particularly to turn charity games into more of an event through initiatives like barbeques. Bull has spent time discussing his ideas with current officer Dave Heads, and would look to maintain Heads’ organised budget, but looks also to more evenly distribute resources across all sports at all levels.

Sarah Williams

If over these weeks you are told that “Swills has got the skills,” then you’re probably talking about Sarah Williams, for whom running for AU Officer represents a year-long ambition. Williams comes with  wealth of experience, she is president of Ladies Lacrosse, the IMS exec’s badminton officer, and as such is already intimately involved in the Athletics Union. She was also received the AU’s Sports Woman of the Year award 2010.

Williams has a number of detailed and ambitious manifesto commitments: she would overhaul current sports membership and club charges into one payment, (she describes the current system as “madness”), would look to have the “terrible” gym at Jubilee campus refurbished, increase the frequency and publicity of exercise classes, and refurbish the Grove Farm changing facilities and café bar. Williams hopes to justify this increased spending by extracting more funding from national government bodies and points to the success Durham University has had in this area.

Robin Allison

An international Dodgeball player for England, Allison is a huge sports fanatic who wants to transfer his enthusiasm to the office of the AU. He takes an inclusive approach in everything he does, saying he wants as many people at the university involved in some sort of sport. He also wants the AU to be more active in promoting minority sports, a desire which may come from his involvement in in the university’s Diving, Taekwondo and Dodgeball clubs. His involvement in these clubs is certainly extensive, having been social sec for all three clubs, President and Treasurer of Dodgeball, Treasurer for the ‘Christians in sport’ initiative not to mention bus driver for Dodgeball and Taekwondo. In addition to this, he has coached Dodgeball to several schools around Nottingham and coached clubs for children with special educational needs. Allison feels this extensive experience of running clubs and coaching all levels at sport would stand him in good stead as AU Officer.

If elected, Robin would seek to give every student the opportunity to become a qualified coach like he is. He feels that were this to happen it would have a profound effect on the efficiency of the way clubs are run with more coaches, give the AU a better chance at forging strong  links with the local community and give students a chance to improve their employability.

Images by Helen Miller


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