Barry ‘Fro Democracy

Danny Barry has been elected to the post of Democracy and Communications Officer, after beating off stiff competition from fellow candidate Sam Bucknall. Barry told Impact he was “lost for words” on hearing the news and he said he genuinely “could not have called the result.”

Barry’s pledges involved commitments to streamline the SU council, to increase awareness of all media SRSs and interaction between the Students’ Union Executive and students on all campuses, while asserting he will improve communication between Union Councillors and their constituents. However, what most will remember from his campaign will have been his ‘afro-based’ campaign style. Barry said campaigning had given him a great opportunity to meet and engage with new students.

Barry placed a battle against “cliqueness” in the SU Council, something he claims to have experienced in his previous role of Week One organiser, at the heart of his campaign, and ultimate his stance as an outsider of the Union won through.

Barry has fought a slick campaign and now must expect to face many issues as he looks to build on the work of previous Officers. How successful Danny is in meeting these challenges will indicate whether or not the post has fallen into the safest of hands and whether his victory is due to his campaigning style, or whether he won on merit.

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  • Michael
    13 March 2011 at 15:57
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    In a role such as Democracy and Communications, campaigning style is a good indicator of merit! Being able to make people sit up, listen and get involved in this campaign puts Barry in good stead to be able to do the same next year as well!

    • Rob
      15 March 2011 at 14:15
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      Danny ran a good campaign and should be congratulated on winning the election. But please stop associating the process of campaigning on campus as any indicator as to how well someone would do a job, or even whether they can engage students. It means nothing in this case.

  • Didn’t Go with the Fro
    15 March 2011 at 21:32
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    Running a campaign which focused entirely on afros and not at all on policies….brilliant. A truly inspirational campaign for someone who declared that “I want a more informed electorate, not a popularity contest.” Yet again, gimmicks over policies, style over substance.

    Here’s hoping his abilities run deeper than his hair follicles!

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