Good News For… Jealous Viewers of ‘The Man Who Asked’

Comedian Craig Rowin stunned online viewers everywhere after his idea of getting rich quick, involving a few minutes of YouTube airtime simply asking for a million dollars, seemed to literally pay off. The comedy and sheer genius was in the simplicity of the message, which saw the little known comedian give no reason for his deservedness of the huge sum as he addressed millionaires in his first video with “Please give me one million dollars. I don’t need it for anything specific but I think it would be awesome”, in November of last year. It received close to half a million hits. Two months and two video pleas later, Rowin claimed the money was offered by mystery millionaire ‘Benjamin’, to be handed over on February 2nd in a clip that shows him suited with a bottle of champagne at hand. Here, he declares the somewhat controversial news with obvious joy, then states smugly “Now here is a couple of seconds for you to resent me…” Indeed, a wealth of resentful comments ensued and amongst the general abuse, a sprinkling of those who admitted they were simply jealous of his idea. These green-eyed viewers can now relax, as the whole thing was revealed as a hoax. Nothing more than a publicity stunt, Rowin remains a non-millionaire.

Shreeya Patel


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