Looking Out for Postgrads: Thresh Elected as Postgraduate Officer

Georgia Thresh has been named Postgraduate Students’ Officer. Although no other candidates were running in opposition to Thresh she still had to beat RON (Reopen Nominations) to take up the position.

As Postgraduate Officer, Thresh will be responsible for the representation and support of all students of postgraduate courses at the University. Recently diagnosed with dyslexia, Thresh’s campaign was driven by her own personal experience of how vital the services that the University offers to Postgraduate students can be in improving the student experience. As a result, “Improving the academic and social welfare of all Postgraduate students through socials, stress management workshops and study-skills workshops” formed a key part of her election manifesto. The resources needed to implement this are extensive, but she is adamant that she will carry out her proposals as she aspires to give Postgraduate students “the best support that she can”.

Last year, she ran for the position of Education officer and has already held the position of Postgraduate Faculty Coordinator. Having been both a University of Nottingham Undergraduate and Postgraduate student, these experiences will surely mean that she is equipped for the job.
Her pledge to “represent the voice of every student” regardless of whether they are studying part-time, are internationals or a mature student, will be something Postgraduates would surely love to see. How feasible this is – only time will tell.

When interviewed by Impact, she said “I’m so excited. There is so much I want to do next year. I’ll be excited to see the new SU Exec and work with them, to get the best possible outcome for Postgraduate students.”


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