Penthouse Sweet?

Any Nottingham University student will know that our fair city is never lacking in new additions to the already thriving, diverse selection of clubs and bars. Nottingham’s newest-kid-on-the-block, The Penthouse, is a two-storey club situated in the heart of The Lace Market. Brandishing the name Noise Box on a Thursday as its main student night, you may, at first recognition, justly compare Noise Box to any other generic, mainstream promotional night. It does, after all, exactly what it says on the bottle – student prices, Rihanna and excessive amounts of strobe lighting.

However, what makes this venue initially stand out from the crowd is the interesting variety in music as the night wears on. A peculiar track merge of Pink to a remix of Fake Blood’s ‘I Think I Like It’ had ears pricked and eyebrows raised. The distinct lack of cheese from the DJ’s playlist is a refreshing departure from the norm. Although one can’t deny their insatiable desire for B*witched, Busted and the now traditional Baywatch as the night progresses, it was a pleasant change to notice a shift to 90s boy band, rather than expect it. A slightly more obscure selection of music intermingled with club classics, mainstream RnB and pop kept students on their toes. On top of this, the top level has a separate dance floor dedicated to dubstep and drum & bass, giving you even more bang for your buck.

Music aside, the venue itself is somewhat shinier and more polished than other grottier, older establishments around Nottingham. With dance floors on both levels of the club, as well as spacious seating areas upstairs, this venue could be used as a bar as well as a club. The main downfall would be that The Penthouse hasn’t quite hit the heights just yet. Because it was opening night, the venue was far less than full, probably due to the wealth of other large-scale student nights on a Thursday, combined with a disappointing lack of advertising. Nevertheless, The Penthouse has the whole package. Undeniably fun music, cheap drinks and a swanky interior mean that Noise Box has the potential to become one of the freshest and best-loved student nights out in Nottingham.

Sarah Dawood


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