Simon Proven the Papa Smurf

Simon Murphy has won the position of Activities Officer, after an epic contest in which he faced strong opposition from Ebba Wiberg, Gareth Whittaker and Hannah Turck.

Simon ‘Smurf’ Murphy led a successful campaign and established a high profile over the last two weeks, with his campaign team a constant presence outside of Hallward library. Aside from this, candidates will not have failed to notice the presence of a crack squadron of ‘Smurfs’ on many of the Elections Nights in Ocean and Crisis. He has stated he would like to improve the integration and accessibility of societies and has pledged to provide more space and storage to clubs and societies.

There is some ambiguity over his plans to ensure that the Summer Party stays “student-centred”; arguably the end-of-year festival has always been just that. He made an attempt to dispel this ambiguity at Question Time sessions, saying that he will encourage “market research and make sure you see who you want to see”. Simon told Impact that he was going to make the Summer Party ”bigger and better”.

Overall, Murphy has proven himself to be a passionate candidate; hopefully he will be able to inject this into his role as Activities Officer.

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  • Sarah
    13 March 2011 at 00:05
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    “There is some ambiguity over his plans to ensure that the Summer Party stays “student-centred”; arguably the end-of-year festival has always been just that”

    Surely Simon’s plans refer to the fact that rather than being an SRS, Summer Party will be managed by a professional, outside company this year? I imagine his comments refer to ensuring that the students still get a say in the festival. Seeing as previously acts have been pretty average, and students weren’t consulted by the Exec, it would be nice for some consultation on who is approached to appear this year.

  • Douggie McMeekin
    23 March 2011 at 12:28
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    Just to clear up any confusion…. The Summer Party is not and will never be ‘managed by a professional, outside company’. It has simply been moved under the remit of a member of staff within the Students’ Union who has vast experience with planning/managing/running events as well as vast experience in providing development opportunities for our students. This years Summer Party will be the best that it has ever be and the Activities Officer is, and will always be, a contributor to the event.

    Choosing acts is always difficult; budgets, relevance and the fact that it is always entirely subjective cause the mixed reviews and I assure you the Students’ Union, and every department within it, is driven as much as possible, if not entirely by what students say.

    I wish Simon the best of luck with next year, he’ll be great, I’m sure of it.

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