Something Fancy: Michelin Super-Star

If you are looking for the most upmarket, exclusive restaurant in Nottingham for your graduation, look no further than Restaurant Sat Bains, the only eatery in the city with a Michelin star. Even better for students, it is on Lenton Lane, very close to the heart of the student community, so a trip to this TV chef’s gaff would be a quick and hassle-free one for you and your family.

Perhaps surprisingly for somewhere with such prestige, Restaurant Sat Bains emanates a warm cosiness to all who visit. Candle-lit, well-spaced tables allow couples and groups to happily dine in the same space, which helps generate a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Hospitality staff are just as affable and diligent as the service staff, who will impress you with their detailed knowledge of where all ingredients come from and their ability to seemingly never let your glass be empty for too long!

There are a number of different routes to go down when it comes to food, but everything you taste will have one thing in common – it will be perfectly balanced. A particular favourite for television viewers might be the dish of peas, duck egg and ham that scored Sat a perfect 10/10 on Great British Menu, which comes as an extra treat on some menus.

In terms of price, though the overall figures may make your eyes widen (options start at £55 a head and rise to £250), looking a little closer will show you that roughly you will pay £10 a course for the regular options. For Michelin star dining – and be in no doubt, this is an exquisite experience – that doesn’t represent bad value at all. And if you want to give your loved ones a great experience before you leave Nottingham forever, some menus offer the chance to meet and greet the man himself.

If you want to go out of Nottingham with a bang, then this has to be the place for you. Restaurant Sat Bains is the perfect place to celebrate such a special occasion, because though you may be paying more than usual, you’ll get a genuinely extraordinary dining experience.

Elouise Smith


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