SU Elections 2011

It’s that time of year again, where we can expect the beginning of every lecture to be interrupted by manifesto pledges, our club nights to be filled with garish, multi-coloured campaign teams, or even our trek into university every day to include threading your way through a host of candidates thrusting sweets towards you (or even playing you a tune on the ukulele), all in an attempt to gain your vote. The reason? It’s time to elect our Students’ Union Executive for the next twelve months.

There are nine positions available on the Executive, eight of which are full-time sabbatical posts. These positions, including the non-sabbatical role of Environment and Social Justice, are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Union, as well as working on specific projects within their remits.

Running concurrently with these elections are the votes for Representative Officers, tasked with looking after certain groups within the Union, and Faculty Coordinators, who are the student representatives of each Educational Faculty in the University. Although part-time, these positions work closely with the Executive and the Students’ Union Council (the highest decision making body in the Union), to better the lives of students whilst at University.

This year’s elections have seen many changes from how last year’s was run: greater emphasis is being put on encouraging daytime campaigning and Candidate Question Times have been reshuffled, creating more single-position events in locations specific to each position. The Elections Results Night will be completely reformed from the event last year, which continued well into the early hours.

Throughout the Students’ Union Elections, Impact is following every development, providing all the latest elections news and insight into everything that you need to make an informed choice on who will run your Students’ Union for the upcoming year.

We are interviewing each candidate running for a position and grilling them over their manifesto pledges and suitability for the role. At the same time, we are investigating the issues that come with these elections, from diversity of candidates to reviewing whether the current Executive have lived up to the promises made last year. Finally, we are running an ‘On the Campaign Trail’ Elections Blog, which looks at the aspects of elections that people might not consider, whether it is looking at the stresses of campaigning to finding out what the everyday student thinks about the elections. Our blog also looks at the highlights from each of the Candidate Question Times. Our website is running polls throughout the campaign, allowing students to let us know how they feel about the elections.

The voting period runs from the 4th until the 11th March, with the results announced that evening. Throughout Results Night, Impact will be giving you live updates on our website, as well as photos of the night and analysis of how each victorious candidate is likely to fare over the upcoming year.

Get all of the breaking news and views here.

Ben McCabe

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