Swills has the Skills

Congratulations to Sarah “Swills” Williams, who it would seem does indeed have the skills, and accordingly has been elected as Executive Officer for the Athletics’ Union.
Standing on a platform of an overhaul of sports membership payment, refurbishment of the Grove Farm bar-area and the Jubilee Campus Gym, Williams also plans to offer a number of fitness initiatives to the less sporty amongst us. Minutes after having found out of her victory over George Bull and Robin Allison, Sarah said to Impact she “still cannot believe these two amazing weeks are over.” and that she has “loved every minute of it, as strange as it sounds, all the early rises have been totally worth it and I haven’t had a moments hesitation or a second I haven’t enjoyed it.”

Perhaps the most experienced candidate running this year, Sarah is already well acquainted with the Athletics’ Union, which will be her home from home over the next year. As the campaign developed Williams emphasised the important role inter-mural sports would have to play under her tenure and this doubtlessly comes as a result of her work as IMS badminton officer.

Wills saw off fierce competition from George Bull, who ran a commendable campaign, and Robin Allison, a perhaps less conventional AU candidate who campaigned on a pledge of sports for all, coming as he does from a background in minority sports. She was keen to praise both men who have been her opponents over the past two weeks, saying “Though it sounds odd, I feel some of the best friends I’ve made have been the two people I’ve been trying hardest to beat! I couldn’t have asked for two nicer opponents!”

Sportswoman of the year last year, and now AU President, a variety of challenges face Sarah Williams, but for now at least she can take a load off and perhaps not go to the gym for a couple of days. Regarding her recent promise to Impact of adding Varsity Volleyball to the annual calendar, Swills’ says if it doesn’t happen “I guess I’ll have to sort something out. Maybe involving my cartwheel shot? And maybe also a bikini?” Impact eagerly anticipates either result…


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