The Lash Effect

With fake eyelashes apparently de rigueur in 10am lectures (spotted first hand), it seems that falsies are becoming a style staple for many. If you’ve yet to take the plunge, here are our top tips and tricks for the perfect flutter.

Prepare the Canvas
Make sure your eyelids are clean, dry and free from traces of makeup. The adhesive glue will not stick as effectively if there are traces of oil on the skin.

Get the Right Fit
No two eyes are the same size or shape and so it follows that false eyelashes may need to be adjusted to fit your lash line. Whether you’re enhancing your natural look or going for full-blown Lady Gaga eyes, falsies that are simply too long across the lash line will look out of place. Trim false lashes down to size before applying.

Sticky Situation
Try to purchase fake eyelashes that come with a separate tube of adhesive glue. This means that you can always re-stick lashes that have started to fall away. Don’t worry if they aren’t a flawless fit when first applied, you can still adjust them before the glue dries.

Tools of the Trade
Using your fingers to apply the lash glue isn’t recommended – it all gets a bit sticky and fiddly. Some opt for a cotton bud to apply the glue and a pair of tweezers to tease the lashes into place. Use fingers to press the falsies into place, starting with the inner corner of the eye.

Hide the Evidence
A heavy coat of eyeliner will help to cover up any leftover drops of glue or gaps that reveal those XXL lashes may not be yours. Be sure to get right into the lash roots and smudge to create a softer line.

Wide Open
Even when not applying false eyelashes an eyelash curler is an absolute must have. Curling your lashes and falsies will help to blend them together. Hold in place for a few seconds to create an instantly doe-eyed look. Try Shu Uemura eyelash curlers (£19.50)

Go Green
Recycle your eyelashes! Lots of people think this is unhygienic, but you can reuse the same pair up to ten times if you keep them in good condition. Do not just pull the lashes away – use eye make-up remover to dissolve the glue. Peel from the outer corner, remove any glue residue and you’re good to go again.

Emma-Jane Steele


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