The Power of the Chant

“T-R-E-N-T, we are the Trent Army…”

I have now been to two of the 2011 Charity Varsity matches, and I’m already sick to death of this chant. Not just because it’s the ONLY chant hailing from the other side of the field, but because it’s a constant reminder that while Trent are yelling away, we’re staying quiet.

The chant itself is simple enough, and proves that at the very least, the opposing fans can spell. The crucial element, however, is that it reminds the players that their side is rooting for them. Now, you can say that chants are a second string to actual talent and skill, but any team would tell you that the crowd’s presence plays a huge psychological factor in the match. Want an example? The last two Varsity matches had Trent chanting the longest and loudest. Trent is now leading the Varsity 2-0.

So what’s wrong with us? Why do we not chant?

It can be broken down into a variety of factors – firstly, since the 2009/2010 academic year, it has been Student Union policy to ban chanting on university, on the grounds of offending certain types of people. Now, for Week One, that’s all well and good – sure we say why our hall’s the best, but as the year goes on, the barriers fade away and most of us get on well with each other. However, this has now had a knock-on effect when it comes to the Varsity, where some of the matches do not take place on university grounds – most do not chant because we shouldn’t have before. Yes we know the chants can be derogatory, but when Trent chant “I’d rather be a poly than a c***!”, decency isn’t so much thrown out the window as jettisoned into the Sun!

Also, Week One is also to blame – yes, while we shouldn’t chant, most of us did declare undying love for our halls and disregard the opinions of all others, on or off campus. And that has been our downfall – we swear our allegiance to our halls, not our university. Apart from chanting ‘Uni’ repeatedly, people aren’t aware of the variety of pro-Uni/anti-Trent chants.
Well, to restore some honour, here are some of the chants, complete with how to sing them:

1. ‘Uni’, repeatedly – nothing special, standard procedure.
2. I’m Uni ‘til I die – Same tune as most hall chants, just replacing them with Uni.
3. We go somewhere you[Trent] don’t go, uni uni/university – To the tune of “All the doo-dah day.”
4. What’s that coming over the hill? It’s unemployment, it’s unemployment! – To the tune of The Automatic’s “Monster”
5. Stand up, if you love Uni – To the tune of “One-Nil to the Champions”¬ – N.B. Stand up when singing this.

We need some pride back on Uni’s side. Who knows – maybe it might even reward us with a victory in a varsity match?

Stu Hardy

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  • dan
    1 March 2011 at 18:55
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    I would have thought the answer is obvious. Pride is a point but it also goes back to the class debate at the uni. Ask them to sing swing-low, sweet chariot and you’ll get a choir. And ask them to chant for something beyond themselves and you’ll get shy eyes, quizzical looks.

    Answer: Give them alcohol.

  • chanter
    2 March 2011 at 10:24
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    Most of the chants you have are pretty dull, number four is ok though. Here are a few others:

    In response to Trent chanting “T-R-E-N-T, we are the Trent Army…” chant back:
    ““T-R-E-N-T, you’re going to get a shit degree”
    Others include:
    Polytechnic – can you spell it?
    The wheels on your house go round and round!
    Your dad works for my dad, la la la.

  • Tps11
    3 March 2011 at 20:55
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    In the style of a cheerleader. “Give me a D, give me a D, give me a D. What does it get you? Entry into Trent!”

  • come on uni
    4 March 2011 at 17:07
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    sign on, sign on, with a pen in your hand, for you’ll never get a job, you’ll never get a job.

    to the tune of you’ll never walk alone

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