Varsity Basketball – A team effort grants glory for the boys

After a close game for the women’s team, the pressure was on for the men’s to practice what they had preached and exploit the strength of the whole team. The first quarter of the game was fairly back-and-forth with any lead being short-lived. Trent were able to penetrate the key despite a tough Uni defence, with a few short-corner shots also featuring when Trent were able to exploit their fast passes to leave defence chasing after the ball. Some clumsy passes by Uni also lost possession at some crucial moments, with Trent able to recalibrate and score some baskets.  However, Uni finished the first quarter with a lead thanks to some indefensible drives to the basket, with many players supplying their own skills and individual style to the game. Timo Mo and Captain Patrick Daley were two all-rounded players who’s fast-footed defence and ball skills provided the team with some fantastic fast-break. The tall trio Jeff Smith, Nimi Igomi and Ugonna Krest secured some great rebounds to deny Trent a basket, and Emile Blaison bought French flare to the game with a scorching 3-pointer. By the end of the first half, Uni had moved from a soft-centred zone to a full court blockage, giving Uni a much deserved lead.

The start of the second half saw some surprisingly rough and ragged play by Uni, as more offensive fouls were called against them and their defence was leaving more Trent players open. A hungry Trent team were rallying their fitness in order to achieve some fast-breaks, whilst Uni, perhaps due to confidence from the first half, turned-over the ball more regularly with some risky plays and cross-court passes.  After a tough telling-off by Coach Richardson during a time-out, Uni appeared to have recovered, with more drives to the basket and a more focused defence by players such as Ibey Agbaje, with the score being 59-50 to Uni for the start of the last quarter. This is when Uni were really in their element. President Gareth Lewis and Andrew Threipland were powerhouses under the basket, with Borislav Dimitrov making some great rebounds. Having led from the start, the game ended 73-63 to Uni in front of an ecstatic crowd. A proud President Lewis stressed that “ nobody stood out and everyone put their heart on the court”, proving that whilst Trent may have had some impressive individuals, a solid team effort by Uni was what won them the glory.

Nina Sorensen

Images by Aniec Lu

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