Women’s Officer Candidates

The Women’s Officer is representative of all female students within the Students’ Union. The Officer is the Chair of the Women’s Network, as well as the delegate leader to the NUS Women’s Conference. The Women’s Officer works with the SU to represent female students and campaigns on issues of concern and relevance to female students.

Rose Bonner

As a current committee member of the Women’s Network, Bonner has already shown that she is dedicated to the cause of women as well as a substantial interest in gender issues. Furthermore, this candidate is in a prime position to use the resources of the Women’s Network at her disposal to ensure that she successfully implements her manifesto pledges. She aspires to increase the number of talks given by inspirational women and she  plans to run workshops that will enhance the skills and confidence of female students. In addition, Bonner would like to run more campaigns, raising awareness of the issues confronted by women every day, and offer support for women who have been the victims of any sort of abuse.

Aimee Bailey

Bailey has been heavily involved with the LGBT committee this past year and has “been inspired” by their work which has made her passionate about making a difference, feeling the best way to continue and expand on it would to become Women’s Officer. If she wins, Bailey aims to spearhead a more active Women’s network with wider support for women across university and to place the safety and sexual health of students at the forefront of the Women’s network with such policies as getting better lighting on the Downs and free condoms to be given out in the Portland Building.

Jenny Ingram

Gender inequality makes Ingram’s “head explode,” and it is for this central reason that she is seeking the post of Women’s Officer. Ingram wants to fairly and equally represent all women, to empower the student voice on all campuses, promote the women’s network so it can be a “powerful women’s resource everyone can use,” run a “genuine beauty/ self approval campaign,” and encourage and endorse safety on campus through the continuation of self defence classes and by providing rape alarms. Key to making these ambitions a reality, Ingram wants to make herself available to the women of the university at all times, she wants to organise more frequent socials for the women’s network, organise “girly nights out”, create workshops that encourage women to follow their desires and promote women’s representation on all campuses. Ingram is intimately involved in the women’s network, and co-organises the women of faith debate.

Images by Helen Miller


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