Give Them: DJ Luck and MC Neat

When first discovering DJ Luck and MC Neat were coming to Nottingham, the excitement that rippled through the university was electric. It seemed Impact wasn’t the only one attracted to going back to the simpler time of Garage beats. By 11.30pm, Bodega had reached full capacity as rumours of the floor boards falling through circulated- a sure sign of a successful night if there ever was one.

Hosted by GIVE THEM, a promotion first based in West London – Bodega provided the perfect setting for a night that takes pride on its cutting edge credentials. Having hosted nights featuring artists such as Drop the lime, B.Rich and Harvard Bass, DJ Luck and MC Neat came as a refreshing throwback to the nineties. The night started off with Bodega’s resident DJs, Plax, Sheeb, Emilio and Rookie building up our anticipations for the main act.

DJ Luck and MC Neat pleased the crowd with their smash hits “I’m Sorry”, “With A Little Bit Of Luck” and weaving “Pon De Floor” and “Are You Gonna Bang Doe?” (a personal highlight) in to their set, filling the dancefloor to its very brim. For some, the continuous moshing and elbow shoving became too much but for the hardcore raver contingent, the bustling crowd only added to the night’s explosive atmosphere. After DJ Luck and MC Neat, Bodega’s resident DJ’s kept the music flowing well on into the night. With the crowd calming down ever so slightly the night went out with a huge Garage bang.

Kalpna Tandon


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