The Quiz-ards of Nottingham

Impact takes a look at which which pubs are the central student hubs and which of their quizzes just fizzes with excitement. With the first two options, it’s a good excuse to grab yourself some hearty food while you’re there. Remember to think up a decent team name before you arrive so that you don’t end up cringing when your shameful excuse for a witty name is read out, limping in weakly behind those who planned ahead… So find which quiz is best for you and battle it out for trivia fame and fortune.

The Ropewalk

The quintessetial reasonably-priced boozer and atmospheric hideaway, The Ropewalk’s intimate setting downstairs doesn’t lend itself acoustically, as you’ll find yourself shouting for repeats more often than voicing the answer. However, the visually pleasing bar staff never fail to disappoint.

When? Sundays at 9pm
Prize – winner takes all!

The Malt Cross

This former Music Hall is now a fully restored grade II listed building. The quizmaster is like a sexy schoolteacher who’s very strict about cheating. Phones should duly remain ensconced away. Here you are most likely to be up against actual members of the public, perfect if the student bubble becomes too suffocating. A strange drunken man did sit with me and my housemates, mumbling (the wrong) answers but this shouldn’t be commonplace.

When? Mondays at 8ish
Prize – free round

The Rose and Crown

Popular with both locals and students, this combines the best of what pub quizzes have to offer – including a working microphone and the mysteriously coveted token prize of a garden gnome.

When? Mondays at 9
Prize – £15 in drinks vouchers

Halls of Residence Quizzes

If having every meal together isn’t enough, this is the ideal way to cement the bonds with your fellow hall students and test out the general knowledge of your friends as well as new acquaintances.

When? Sundays
Prize – free bottle of wine

Emma Harwood

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  • Davs
    7 April 2011 at 14:28
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    The Boat Inn Lenton, Wednesday 9pm, prize: gallon of beer and occasionally a tie break round with 50p in for anyone, winner takes all!
    The Grove did on a Sunday, but not since it closed! Maybe it will if it opens again!

  • David
    12 May 2011 at 01:14
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    this monday at Malt Cross we have a special round on Pirates!

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