‘Egg’ucation For All as Goddard Triumphs in SU By-Election

Elizabeth ‘Egg’ Goddard has won the by-election for Education Officer, after a fierce competition which saw her defeat fellow challengers Sophie Burgess, Tom Day, Jaz Morgan, Sam Bucknall and Charlotte Elver, the last of which lost out by merely fourteen votes in the final round of voting.

In a simple announcement, broadcast by NUTS and URN, Goddard thanked her campaign team for all of their hard work, saying that, as she had been attending LGBT NUS Conference all weekend due to her current role as LGBT Officer, she had been unable to campaign for more than two days during campaigning.

“This has been the best three days of my life” she said, “Firstly winning best LGBT society [at the NUS Conference] and now this”.

Goddard will step into a huge role, responsible for having an input on University Educational policy as well as maintaining and improving the Educational Network and ensuring that all students have active Course and School Representatives.

Taking a different approach to Michael De Vletter, who became Education Officer-Elect earlier in the year, only to step down, Goddard chose not to place the central focus of her campaign on improving the Educational Network, instead stressing that she would aim to increase library holiday opening hours, introducing a second hand academic bookshop run by the SU, and improving academic equal opportunities.

In the Black and Minority Ethnic by-election run concurrently, Rebecca Schapira beat Max Sobell to the position of BME Officer on a platform of ensuring that BME students have equal access to bursaries and support within the University, as well working with the NUS to improve anti-racist and anti-fascist education, to bring to the attention of the wider student body the implications of racism.

The turn out for the elections was 1,740, an improvement on last year’s tally that barely passed 1,000 votes, yet still way less than the 7,756 votes cast in the main elections earlier this year. This highlights the difficulties faced by candidates and Executive alike in trying to campaign and get students voting at a time of year when most would rather hide away in the library and focus on getting a 2:1.

Ben McCabe

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