Frank Turner at Rescue Rooms – 13/05/11

Friday the 13th could have been a really unlucky day. Alas, it was not, for this was the joyous night Frank Turner took the stage to captivate a herd of following fans in the intimate space that is Rescue Rooms.

A rebel certainly with a cause, Turner uses music brilliantly to get across his many thoughts on heartbreak, politics, and even the everyday struggles of life. He sings and plays with such conviction that you truly feel the raw emotion captured in his lyrics. Friday’s performance was definitely no exception. Few artists can truly capture a crowd with merely their voice and an acoustic guitar, but Turner manages to do just this. Song after song, Turner was happy to hear the audience proudly yelling his lyrics back at him – and our awesomeness was confirmed by Frank’s recent tweet; “Nottingham currently streets ahead in the contest for best crowd of the tour so far.”

With a new album due for release in June, Turner used this opportunity to showcase some new material, including already well-known tracks ‘I Still Believe’ and ‘Peggy Sang the Blues’. He opened the show with the all too familiar ‘I knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous’, after which he reminded us, “It’s a fucking Friday!”

If the audience was successful at pleasing Turner, he was even more successful at pleasing us. He gladly played all the past favourites, and especially received an enthusiastic response when he finally played ‘Dan’s Song’ at the request of pleading audience members. A truly memorable part of the evening was when Turner surprised us with a completely a cappella version of a new patriotic song, ‘English Curse’; this was definitely the only part of the evening where the crowd was silent and still.

Unfortunately, due to the venue’s curfew, Turner couldn’t play past 10, but he made sure to end with a bang. Boldly stating, “I don’t do encores – they’re bullshit”, Turner graced us with, appropriately, ‘The Ballad of Me and My Friends’, to which the crowd responded by putting their arms around one another and singing to each other – not to mention spilling the remainder of their beers all over the place.


Alex Knoll

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    He was better with Million Dead

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