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Varsity Rugby – Uni Ladies Left Wanting as Trent Soar to Victory

It truly was a game of two halves, as the girls took to the pitch at Meadow Lane last Thursday. After a resolute defence in the first half, Uni suffered at the hands of a strong Trent team who came into their own in the second half of the game

Going into the game, Uni were the underdogs, having played in the league below Trent all season. However, the team were feeling confident after clinching their league title in their last game of their season to be promoted into League One, where Trent finished mid-table.

But Uni’s confidence was knocked straight away, when Trent scored from the first kick of the first half, putting the score immediately in Trent’s favour at 5-0. Uni retaliated with a strong attack and lingered in Trent’s half for the majority of the first 10 minutes. Uni couldn’t convert this pressure though, and after a few sloppy passes, Trent were back on the offensive.

Trent had 2 very close attempts at a try, 25 minutes into the game, with one actually crossing the line before being ruled wide by the referee.  But a strong run from Uni’s Stephanie Weedon gave Uni the chance to attack and Captain Lucy Francis leads her team to their first try, putting the scores even at 5-5 (neither team converting their tries).

Uni’s hard work was short lived though, as Trent respond with an immediate, and a relatively easy try. A few attempts to retaliate from Uni, with some strong mauls and some clever passing put some pressure on Trent but ultimately very little progress was made. The first half ended with Trent leading 10-5.

The second half started much like the first, when wayward passing from Uni and a scrum on Uni’s 10m line allowed Trent to increase their lead to 15. And just a few minutes later, after they kick, Uni give away a penalty to Trent which they convert into another try. Another conversion-less try put the score at 20-5.

From there, Uni looked a little defenceless as Trent’s winger manages a huge run from Trent’s 22 to score yet another try for Trent, which also provides the first conversion of the night. With just 10 minutes to go, the score stood at 27-5.

Unfazed, Uni went on the offensive with a strong kick leading to a lot of play in Trent’s 22. But some strong turnover’s from Trent lead to them gaining possession, and after a quick pass out, their winger makes another impressive charge to the try line which left Uni ladies deflated. Unconverted, the try marked the end of the game and an unfortunate score for Uni, the final score standing at 32-5 to Trent.

Despite some determined defence at times, Uni were unable to compete with a very competent and aggressive Trent side.  And going into the penultimate game of the season, the pressure was on the boys to rise up and record the much-needed win that helped send the decision on the winner of this year’s Varsity series to rest with Cricket on June 6th.

Samantha Owen


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