Impact interviews Longfellow at Summer Party 2011

Longfellow had the prestigious opening slot of Summer Party 2011, showing us that there is more to Sutton Bonnington than just science. The band earned the opportunity to open the main stage after they won “Battle of the Bands” and took the chance with aplomb. Impact caught up with them as they came off stage to speak about the hopper bus service and how not everyone on Sutton Bonnington is related.

First off: how was the show?

“It was great, both lovely and daunting at the same time. I think the weather really helped too. There was an added element of pressure as a producer came down to see us for the first time today”. They joke that they hope he does not change his mind about working with them.

You got here by winning the University’s “Battle of the Bands”?

“Yes, It was slightly different as we did an acoustic set, so we dropped the drum kit. Also we have more people today as not all of the bands are from Uni…we brought in the big guns for today.”

Have you been to Summer Party before?

“No as unfortunately we still have exams, it’s really badly timed. But we are really looking forward to sticking around for the rest of the day.” Showing a diverse taste in music, they cite Feeder, Example and Pendulum as bands they are looking forward to seeing later.

Have you played many other venues?

“Well we have only been together properly for 6 months” — the band had decided to combine their acoustic interests with a more percussive element — “and have so far played a few Nottingham venues such as Bodega as well as a few bars in Camden, and of course the Sutton Bonnington bar.”

Would it be fair to say that the composition of your band suggests an Arcade Fire influence?

“Definitely, they are amazing. Generally we would say that we are more influenced by styles rather than particular bands. Myself” – the singer who has a striking similarity to Jonny Borrell of Razorlight fame, but thankfully lacks his arrogance  — “and our leading lady are really influenced by Irish folk music, the fiddle adds a different and integral sound to the palate. Now, thanks to our drummer there is also an indie rock element and even a hint of electro with the synth.”

And finally a bit of an irrelevant one: will you be getting the hopper bus home?

“It’s a tempter”, they say, giggling, “but we have too much equipment, the drums would take up the whole top deck.”

Nicholas Batty


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