Impact Interviews Satsuma at Summer Party 2011

Fresh off the stage, Impact grabs “Notts Got Talent” winners, Satsuma, for a quick chat on the grass following their energetic and highly entertaining set.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how you became a band?

“We met last year whilst we were performing in the band for a musical”, they explain, clearly trying to detract attention away from the fact that they are all medics. Anxious to drop the stigma attached with the “stereotypical medic student”, they emphasise how they met through the musical rehearsals, instead of through their course.

What musical was that?

“Um… [they laugh awkwardly]… the medic society production of Fame!”

So after the musical, how has Satsuma developed this year leading up to and following “Notts got talent”?

“Our first gig was back in September in the Bag o’ Nails. Back then it was only the two of us – two guitarists that is – then we decided to make it more bandy, taking it to the big stage – obviously the stage we just played on is ridiculously big! After that Emma (the trombonist) joined, and today we are finally complete with our fourth member”.

I think it’s fair to say the highlight of the set for many of us was your enigmatic and highly energised dancer. Is he a recent addition to the band?

Adamant that he does not bear any resemblance to Bez (also known for his unique dance moves and apparently far inferior maraca playing), the band light-heartedly agrees that their new addition has “changed [them] from an average band to superstars in their jet setting lifestyle”.
The comical dancer and multi-talented percussionist, earnestly explains that his extensive “percussion kit” cost him £20 from the kids section at John Lewis.

I think at this point I should probably apologise for some slightly lairy dancing that I was doing during one of your gigs in the Basement of Rock City a few months ago…

They all laugh, explaining “we are all for dancing and having fun, we don’t take ourselves too seriously”.

Although there weren’t that many people there to start you did a really good job at drawing in the crowd and getting people to dance.

“We want people to enjoy our music and not write deep songs about love and failed relationships – partially because I’ve never had one [claims one of the guitarists] – as you cant really dance to that sort of music.”

So what have you got lined up for the next year?

The dancer happily states that he graduated yesterday, to which the band jokingly assert that they “don’t know how long they’re going to be able to hold onto him. He’s going to be more popular than us”, they modestly claim, at which point the dancer announces he is thinking of going solo! Refocusing, the band plugs their upcoming gig at Sounds on the Downs next week. “Next year we are going to try to branch out into Nottingham more, playing local gigs at the Jam Café and The Maze.”

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Rebecca Hutter


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