Live Coverage: Summer Party 2011

The sun is shining, the tents are up and the music has already kicked off, but there is one thing missing: an audience!

The Impact Music Team have already  shown off their dancing inabilities in the Cadburys dance-off stand (giving in to our sugar cravings following the early morning set up); with Red Sting also running a rival break-dancing stand (in exchange for free shots!) we feel confident that we won’t be the only ones caught by the Impact Camera Team this afternoon, busting out some cringe-worthy – and instantly regrettable – dance moves! But don’t be put off. Alongside the dance stands, the bucking-bronco, human bowling and gladiator battle are all inflated and ready to go, as well as the ‘Rock and Roll Bingo’ and the somewhat ruder ‘After hours Bin-glow’ that will be taking place in the ‘Crisis Vs Ocean’ tent within the next hour.

Longfellow, despite the small crowd, brought an Arcade Fire-esque swagger to the main stage, and we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Nottingham’s Got Talent winners, Satsuma, on the main stage.

Impact have secured interviews with Satsuma and The Book Club, and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Example, who we hope to get an exclusive interview with after his headlining set. Look out for the impact photographers, uniformed in black T-shirts, throughout the day, for photos that will be uploaded constantly.

Keep reading to get the live-coverage and back stage gossip about Summer Party, but more importantly – get yourselves down to the Downs and check it out for yourselves!

Impact Music

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