Summer Party 2011: Feeder Interview

The media SRS teams join forces as Cheeka Eyres interviews Feeder following their set on the main stage.

That was an absolutely astounding set – you had that crowd eating out of your hands! What did it feel like?

“Waaahh!! Well, we had a few technical problems as the PA was a little bit underpowered meaning our tour manager (who also does our upfront sound) was really turning it up to try and get more power out of the speakers. It was unbelievably loud on stage and when I hit the first chord it sounded like the end of the world – I think it was probably the loudest we’ve ever been. I didn’t even know what key I was in at the stat, but it was such a great audience that we just got our heads down and went for it – you can’t go wrong when you’ve got an audience like that!

You tend to play quite a lot to student audiences don’t you?

It’s interesting because our fan base goes from 14-40, which represents the history of our band. But we’re picking up a lot of new fans as well and hanging on to the students, which a lot of bands struggle to do. They obviously hear something in our music that they like which is really encouraging for us.

So can you tell us about some of the new stuff you’re working on?

Our new album is almost done, it was almost finished but we went back and did some more recording and the list of songs now has grown from about 12 to 24 and we’re doing some more recording next week

So when do you hope to get this album out by?

We were hoping to release it in July but because of the new material we think it will possibly be October or if not it will be early next year, although we’re hoping to get a single out before then. The next album has some moments of being a bit more typically feeder than our last underground album, and there are definitely some more radio songs on this one.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

We’re finishing the album off, and going to Japan. Now we’ve finished the campaign of our last album we’re going to play at some of the smaller festivals. This year is mainly getting everything ready for next year. We’re now our own label now so we’re keen to do as many small festivals like this as possible to keep the whole thing going. As were really planning to push for our next album so it should be a busy year ahead.

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  • Sofia
    6 June 2011 at 00:01
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    this is a pretty terrible interview. you had an opportunity to really get into the band’s frame of mind regarding their career and whether it has stagnated, as well as talking about their recent switch off a major label and by the looks of things you were clueless. do some research

  • Dave Jackson
    6 June 2011 at 12:21
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    Just wanted to clarify: Impact is only reproducing the interview – URN conducted it.

  • Adam
    17 July 2011 at 13:05
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    Cannot wait for the new material.

    Feeder never fail to impress.

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