Summer Party 2011: Impact meets The Book Club

The Book Club

After a set full of wry wit, choppy guitars and the kind of melodic basswork that Sheffield has become renowned for in the past five years, Impact joined The Book Club to see if they have any stories to tell (sorry) or if we would be left having to read between the lines (again, sorry).

Right, to start off, could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Joe Carnell: “Hi there readers, I’m Joe. I’m 23 years old now, I’m from Sheffield and I play in The Book Club. And I’m a Leo.”

Tom Colclough: “I’m Tom, Aquarius. My interests are cooking, driving naked and playing in The Book Club.”

You ever played Nottingham before?

J: “No, this is the first time actually. We’ve had some time off to play a bit, now we’re going back into the studio.”

Have you got an album coming out this year then?

J: “Well there are quite a few EPs floating around so we’re going to string those together, add some new songs and maybe make an album? We’ll see how it goes.”

Where is the most surreal place you’ve ever played?

T: “Ah don’t, we’ve got a massive list. We played a leisure complex with imitation crocodiles on the wall, like a cowboy ranch. I thought it was a bowling alley at first.”

J: “We also played on the back of a van in Cumbria, pretty much the day after Raoul Moat had gone on a killing spree”

Joe, can you talk us through the process of restarting and rebuilding?[Joe was formerly lead singer of successful indie outfit Milburn who split in 2008]

J: “Heh, sounds like I’m on The Apprentice. Well I went to school with the lads from the band, and it just seemed natural – I had a few songs and it seemed like something to do, and it snowballed from there.

Any words of advice you would give to yourself just when you were getting into the music industry?

J: “Don’t try too hard, just do what comes naturally to you. Don’t fight it. You can write a really good song but if it’s not what you want to do then stick to your guns.”

Just finally: if Ryan Giggs walked past us right now, what would you say to him?

T: “I just hope he wore a condom.”

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