Summer Showstoppers

As festival season draws ever closer, excitement fills the air, interjected with a quick wave of panic sparked by the question, ‘What the hell am I going to wear?’ Every summer the paparazzi flock to the fields to get a snap of the celebrities (and sometimes mere mortals) enjoying the bands and soaking up the sunshine, so it’s important to look our best. ‘Easier said than done’ is the phrase that springs to mind when one hasn’t seen a shower or a hairbrush for three days.

One thing’s for sure – there’s no need to invest in a whole new wardrobe sure to get covered in mud, sweat and beer. Just dig out last year’s denims and band tees and ‘revamp’ with an injection of jewellery. From tribal trinkets and brassy bangles to festival feather pieces and shielded stone rings, jewellery takes a leap from the supporting act to the main event this festival season.

Like any good festival itself, this season’s jewellery covers a medley of genres. Rings are set to be huge (quite literally) with large stones and shield shapes taking the limelight. The ‘stacked’ effect seen so often with bangles makes a cross-over to the digits, with many leading stores on the high-street stocking these ‘spring-ring’ pieces.

Haphazardly highly piled bangles and bracelets are always a safe go-to, but threatening to steal the spot-light right now is the cuff. ‘Distressed looking’ metal structured cuffs are set to be a success, but predicted to be even more popular is the more fluid beaded stretch cuff (which, it has to be said, poses much less of a health hazard in the mosh pits!) For a daintier option still, quaint ‘friendship bracelet’ style lace bands are out in force, threaded with flowers, love hearts, and cubed letters, really capturing the ‘hippy’ style so often seen scattered throughout the fields of summer festivals.

The same hippy style is captured by this season’s earring collections, dominated by feathers, angel’s wings, studs and spikes; the most popular styles being the ever-faithful hoop or the increasingly popular drop earrings. Perfect distractions from unwashed festival hair!

Necklaces this season take one of two forms. The first is simple, elegant and delicate; a single pendant, often a star or cross, or a solitary semi-precious stone on a ‘barely there’ chain. The second trend however, is all about making a statement; from gladiator style metal torcs and collars to tribal style multi-row beaded numbers, they’re sure to add some life to that worn out band tee.
As for the colour palette, headlining this year are the bright oranges, blues and reds of the tribal trend. So go bold!


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